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Eight habits

The Habits



Believing that anyone can do it
Creativity is a skill we all innately have – its in our DNA. The only difference is some of us learn and practice creative habits and others don’t.



Step into customers’ shoes
BECOME your customer and experience the world from their perspective. And ask yourself what YOU would hope, need, expect to receive if YOU were the customer. It’s the easiest way to get great insight and predict future needs. Don’t just rely on market research.



Get out
Don’t just sit at your desk. Go see for yourself what its like out there. Free yourself from ‘busy-ness’.



Become clueless
Your skills, experience and ‘how we’ve always done it’ mentality will blind you from seeing new opportunities. Break from established thinking and un-learn so you stumble on new ways of doing things.



In start ups things happen fast. They try, they fail, they adapt, they move on. Again and again. That nimbleness doesn’t exist in established companies. There is pressure ‘to do it right’ first time. Prototyping is about trying things out, making them tangible. No powerpoints. No presentations. Just trial and error.



Notch up on Nos
Accept that there is a status quo bias and new ways of doing things (however great) always meet with resistance. Never stop at a ‘no’. Its just someone’s opinion. Famous people we all know have notched up hundreds of ‘no’s.



Bootstrapping is about somehow making 2+2=5 by making the most of what you’ve got. Entrepreneurs are forced to bootstrap because of scarcity of resources. So big companies don’t bootstrap. But this is a good discipline to instill in large companies. It adds momentum and it’s a way of getting round the corporate traffic jams that stall new initiatives.



Take 100‰ of Yourself to Work
There is a direct correlation between how much you enjoy your work and how well you do it. And you can’t enjoy your work if you are holding back. Organisations don’t need corporate automatons any more. Being yourself and expressing your individuality is the greatest asset you can bring to work.