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Anyone Can Do It

ANYONE CAN DO IT is my first book, which I wrote just after leaving Coffee Republic. It gives a step-by step guide to the challenges and difficulties, breakthroughs and breakdowns, joys and frustrations of starting a business. ┬áIt blows apart the myth that entrepreneurship is a personality trait and only ‘special’ people can do it. Its packed with tips, advice and quotes that we found useful-and in the text are copies of our original business plan, early copies of our original business plan, early brainstorms and even bank rejection letters.

Its been one of the top ten bestselling business books in the UK and has been translated into 6 languages. Read more



Switched On

SWITCHED ON I wrote in 2010 and is aimed at the corporate audience.
It is based on my personal experience of what happens when businesses get larger and more established and the processes and routines which build up and stifle the creative habits which made the business successful in the first place. By adopting simple intuitive habits that entrepreneurs use like stepping into your customers shoes, becoming clueless and bootstrapping you are able to change the mindset and behaviour in the corporate world.Read more