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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Sahar Hashemi is an internationally recognized thought leader and speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sahar’s presentations are unique, blending her story of building two famous brands with the key habits for innovation and creativity.  Through storytelling, Sahar is able to connect with audiences on an emotional level and bring to life her conviction that entrepreneurial behaviour is needed in every business.

Some of the messages weaved into her story are:

  • Entrepreneurial behaviour isn’t for start-ups – it’s for big organisations at every level
  • We all have creativity and the capacity to innovate within us (Habit: ANYONE CAN DO IT)
  • Innovation isn’t about genius tendencies: its just about finding a better way
  • We can’t spot opportunities sitting tight in our comfort zone
  • Impersonating our customers (and not just relying on market research) gives us the best insights (Habit: STEP INTO CUSTOMERS SHOES)
  • Make sure you’re not too busy for creativity (Habit: GET OUT OF THE OFFICE)
  • Beware of expert knowledge – if you become too set in your ways you miss new opportunities (Habit: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING CLUELESS)
  • New products/services are always rejected, so we need to develop persistence (Habit: NOTCHING UP NO’s)
  • We need more of a trial and error culture in organizations to make things happen (Habit: BOOTSTRAPPING)
  • To spot opportunities we need to bring not just our ‘workselves’ but 100% of ourselves to work (HABIT: TAKE 100% of YOURSELF TO WORK)


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