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Anyone Can Do It: Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table

This book is our answer to the elusive question about what an entrepreneur faces: ‘what will it be like?’  We know, because we’ve sat in the same comfort zone you’re sitting in now and asked ourselves the same questions you’ll face if you decide to take the plunge.  A few years ago we were just like you…two people with secure jobs, but a dream for something better in the back of our minds that just wouldn’t go away.  We went for it…and we’ve lived to tell the tale in the pages that follow

We’re not business school lecturers and we won’t give you a dry, academic story.  Nor is this a typical business memoir or a corporate history.  This is our personal story.  It is the human story of two aspiring entrepreneurs who followed their business dream.

We’ll tell you what it was like for us to leave the comfort of cushy jobs – jobs for which we had trained for most of our lives – in order to leap into an unknown world of coffee and retailing and customer service, things with which we were completely unfamiliar.  It’s been the most exciting and fulfilling adventure we could ever have dreamt of, but it was more than a business adventure, it was a life journey that took us on an invaluable path of personal growth.  You will see in the pages that follow how we grew as people alongside the growth of our company and how we discovered qualities we never knew existed within us.

Our story gives you a step-by-step guide to the challenges and difficulties, breakthroughs and breakdowns, joys and frustrations of starting a business.  We’ll explain how we did it and perhaps in so doing we will give you the inspiration and knowledge to believe that you can do it, too.  We won’t gloss over the difficulties and we won’t promise you an easy ride, but we will guarantee that the path we took is the most rewarding road we’ve ever taken, and even though it’s still work, it will turn out to be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.

By taking you through our thought processes, our inspirations, and even our midnight jottings and ramblings you will see the agony and ecstasy of the entrepreneurial journey.  Then, if you are at the fork in the road where you have to decide whether to pursue your dream or stay in your comfort zone, you can answer the question and decide for yourself:  Why aren’t you pursuing your dream?

Sahar and Bobby


Mail on Sunday

“…Budding entrepreneurs will be fascinated, and pick up valuable practical advice along the way..”


Daily Mail

“… an inspirational book…”


The Guardian –

“…the definitive guide on how to set up a business…”


Business Eye, Northern Ireland February

“…the book is written very simply in a conversational style. There’s plenty of insider information for the novice..”


Eve Magazine

“Fantastically motivating”


She Magazine

“…will help you take one small step at a time.”


Evening Standard

“…it will interest anyone who has a “great idea”


South Wales Evening Post

“…a usable tool as well as a motivational read..offers a myriad of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs..”


Llanelli Star

“…an inspirational book..a usable tool as well as a motivational read..”


Business Life

“…if you want to start your own business, this is the book you need. It’s full of useful information..”


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