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1 to 1 Coaching



We are often asked by clients who have heard Sahar’s keynotes exactly what happens next?

How do you start actually building and living an entrepreneurial culture in your company?

We know that the reality is people leave a conference, brimming with inspired actions that never see the light of day when real life and its busyness takes over.

We believe one-off workshops and time-consuming training programmes don’t work. They fail at point of implementation. Because entrepreneurial culture can’t be taught. It can only be lived. It’s about tweaking everyday behaviours: (getting closer for customers, simplifying processes, encouraging curiosity and experimentation and removing fear). It’s so simple and yet it’s difficult to do because our ingrained habits are on auto-pilot.

That’s why we think the only solution is 1-to-1 coaching. Because it’s in a flexible individually tailored coaching environment that people can genuinely take ownership of the culture of their team and see their ingrained behaviours more clearly, and identify which behaviours work for and which against an entrepreneurial mindset. And then they decide which of the 10 Start Up Forever behaviours they can start implementing immediately and commit to them. It will take practice and persistence but slowly by focusing on those behaviours, the new culture will gather momentum and produce better results and performance.

And of course, it must start with the leadership team. Without the leadership team walking the talk, change will not take root. We believe that the only way for a StartUp Culture to be truly implemented and for it to stick, it must be seen in the behaviours of the leadership. Most leaders would struggle to commit to a long training workshop, but committing to a 60-90 minute coaching session every month is easy to achieve.

Our Start Up coaching sessions are sharp, focused and completely free of any kind of jargon or cliché. We don’t believe in packing coaching sessions with lots of pre-prepared content, masses of exercises and ‘homework’.

Our coaching ethos is to react to the strengths and areas of development for each leader we work with. Each session is very different and never has any kind of set agenda or flow. This approach enables total honesty with our clients. It also gives the true view of what leaders need to change and how they can genuinely claim ownership of this new Start Up culture.

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