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How to build a start up culture in a big company

“In the face of disruptive change, how do we become more agile?
More resilient?
More open to change?”
“How can we grow big and still act small?”

As the relentless pace of change forces established organisations to re-think old, outdated ways of working in search of greater nimbleness, these are the questions keeping leaders up at night.

Sahar Hashemi throws out the excuses that have previously stifled entrepreneurial behaviour in big companies. Contrary to popular thinking, she believes big companies acting like start-ups is neither unattainable, nor complicated. In fact, her approach–based on personal experience–is simple, intuitive and very human. There is no complicated theory or methodology. All it takes is a few key day-to-day behaviour shifts and actions.

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Anyone Can Do It

ANYONE CAN DO IT is my first book, which I wrote just after leaving Coffee Republic. It gives a step-by step guide to the challenges and difficulties, breakthroughs and breakdowns, joys and frustrations of starting a business.  It blows apart the myth that entrepreneurship is a personality trait and only ‘special’ people can do it. Its packed with tips, advice and quotes that we found useful-and in the text are copies of our original business plan, early copies of our original business plan, early brainstorms and even bank rejection letters.

Its been one of the top ten bestselling business books in the UK and has been translated into 6 languages.

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