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Sahar believes that entrepreneurial behaviour is not a personality trait and its not restricted to start ups- it’s a set of habits that can be learned by anyone. And that is what her unique workshops are about. It gives participants the inspiration, the experience and tools to think and behave more like entrepreneurs (and less like an employees) in the challenges they face every day.

What’s different about Sahar’s workshop?

• It is based on real personal experience around a ‘story’ rather than theory. And it is widely accepted that the power of story telling harnesses deep behavioural change.
• By using entrepreneurship as the theme, it takes creativity and innovation off its pedestal and makes it both interesting and accessible
• It is based around 8 simple easy to adopt habits which encourage entrepreneurial behaviour

Why is entrepreneurial behaviour so important in the corporate environment?

The value for future lies in unlocking the creative potential within organisations. The structure and machinery of large organisations stifles creativity : too much bureaucracy, established ways of doing things, routines and comfort zones. Contrast this with a start up- no structure, no processes, no comfort zone- only creativity. So that’s why instilling the energy of an entrepreneurial mindset is the best way to hone creativity and innovation in a corporate environment. And the easiest way to instill that start up energy is quite simple: for employees to consciously adopt in their day to day work the habits and tools that come naturally to entrepreneurs in a start up environment. An organisations culture is the sum total of individual behaviours- so when individual behaviours change- the culture changes.

What does the workshop deliver?

• a fun simulated experience of the entrepreneurial process- from spotting the opportunity to making it a reality
• an understanding of entrepreneurial mindset: what it is, why its important and how to make it happen in corporate environment
• learning the 8 habits and practice applying them to day to day challenges
• increased confidence about personal creativity and how to tap into it
• a set of tangible, easy, instinctive habits you can immediately adopt at work
• awareness of what ‘gets in the way’ of creative things happening
• a personal ‘to do list ‘ to make change happen

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